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Mallu has become a common term used by many to represent or to indicate people from or something related to Kerala or Malayalam or those who are from Kerala or those who speaks Malayalam.

Coming to the online sex world, the terms Mallu, Mallu Sex are widely used to entitle videos, pictures or Texts which are related to Kerala Sex or Malayalam Sex. The word Mallu is mostly populated by the online media. Initially the word was used to represent Sex Videos and pictures. The word was also found in such websites initially. When sex became so common in the online media, the word Mallu has also become popular. Now a days, the word Mallu is so common in online media and is used to represent anything related to Kerala or those who speaks Malayalam. Kerala Sex and Malayalam Sex are two major terms where the term Mallu is used with just like Mallu Sex etc.

Starting from Sex Videos, the word Mallu is now a very famous and obviously a competitive term used widely through most of the online media especially for sensation making.

Kerala Sex in Malayalam - Things that make the Sex in Kerala a Heavenly Experience

Kerala is as beautiful as a gorgeous woman. Then it is obvious that how the nature and atmosphere of Kerala lead to a wonderful sex experience. Kerala has become couples' favorite destination because of the how they experience sex here.

Kerala is an Orthodox state as well with three major religions. It makes the sex divine in the state and not a product for trading. It is a a highly recommended advantage of Kerala Sex. But so many recent issues happened in the state faded the atmosphere a little bit.But still Kerala Sex has got so many points to be a memorable experience in life.

The major factors that makes Kerala Sex Memorable are:

The Weather:
Kerala has got one of the best set of seasons suitable for sex because of its natural changes with the seasons. The Monsoon and Winter seasons are the best to Enjoy Sex in Kerala.

The Beaches:
There are a set of beautiful romantic beaches in Kerala. The state has a long coastal area through out its West. You can celebrate Sex through a few of wonderful beaches along this coastal area.

The Backwaters:
Kerala is blessed with few of the World's best backwaters. Spending a night in these backwaters in a Kerala style houseboat will be a unique experience you will ever have in Sex.

The Hill Stations:
The hill stations in Kerala are the best place to enjoy the Winter season. The sex during this season in these beautiful hill stations will surely be a wonderful experience.

With all these stunning factors, Kerala is an Ultimate tourist destination and is also a Unique place to Explore the Romance and Experience the Sex.

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Kerala Sex - Couple Enjoying their sex in Mallu style in Kerala

To enjoy sex for couple, Kerala is a heavenly space in the world. The Kerala sex is also commonly referred to as Mallu sex. Mallu is the short term for Kerala's language Malayalam and hence the word Mallu has become a term to address Keralites, better known as Malayalees.

The Kerala sex has become such a heavenly experience with the help of the Ayurvedic treatments and Massages of this place. The ayurvedic massages helps you to have a healthy and younger mind and body for a wonderful sexual experience in serene beauty of Kerala. This is especially good for couples to enjoy the Malayalam Sex.

Kerala has got so many stunning and romantic destinations where young couples can enjoy their sex in a unique way. The beaches and hill stations are especially good to have sex in Kerala. The stunning beaches and chilling hill station of this place will definitely energize your nerves and will take your mind to such a mood so that you will have a wonderful Sex in the laps of Kerala.

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